Monday, November 29, 2004

Autodesk's Garbage Can Icon

One of the big holidays of the year (at least in the U.S.) is behind us now and it's back to work. I'm working on some class material for ADT 2005.

I write almost all of my own training content. I don't feel comfortable teaching out of a book and would guess that if you gave any students a big, fat book with a class most would never touch it again. Instead, I try to write in my own style and aim at just the highlights with good screen captures. I tell the students that we don't follow the material in class, though may reference it, but it is for their use on the job when they get back to the office and want to look up something we talked about. It's just my way.

I was working on some of the basic interface for anyone upgrading and having a discussion with a fellow AUGI member. (I won't mention her name, but she's probably the most famous AUGI person next to Lynn Allen, who also has her own new blog now too. ) Anyhow, the interface was mentioned and I was asked what the garbage can icon was. Garbage can icon? I don't have a garbage can icon! After some descriptions, it turned out to be the new Clean Screen icon in the lower left of the Status Bar. I never compared it to a garbage can before. Oscar the Grouch doesn't pop out of it when you click on it, but you learn something new (even if not useful) every day.

The icon in question, is in ADT 2005. Clean Screen has been an option for some time now, but not in the form of an icon. Clean Screen is the sister to Full Screen. Both make for good practical joke material for co-workers. (You didn't hear that here!)

Clean Screen removes everything on your screen except your pull-down menus and command line. If you're using vanilla AutoCAD, you can find this under the View pulldown or with Ctrl+0 (zero).

Full Screen does the exact opposite. It gets rid of your pull-down menus. Or it appears to get rid of them to a panicked co-worker. They are really grayed out. When you move your cursor to where they should be you can see them and click back to toggle this feature off. Full Screen is found in the Express Tools under Tools.

Both of these commands are toggles. You can toggle them on and off.

If you're reading this from AU, not that you'd have time, be sure and stop at the AUGI booth and ask CADMama about her garbage can icon! Be sure and attend her class on the AUGI Tips and Tricks, too. She's a fantastic presenter.

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