Friday, February 18, 2005

User Tip on License Borrowing

One of my users just discovered this on his own. Thanks for sharing!

License borrowing does not show up with either the Building Systems (ABS.mnc or ABS.mns) or Architectural Desktop(ADT.mnc or ADT.mns) menus. To use license borrowing, change to the AutoCAD (ACAD.mnc or ACAD.mns) menu.
To do this, type menu at the command line and choose the different menu file.
You may also want to set a Profile for license borrowing.


Richard Binning said...

Hi Beth,

You can also access the license borrowing utility by going to "Help->About". Once the dialog displays, choose the "Product Information" button then select the "License Borrow" feature from the bottom of this dialog.


BethPowell said...

You are right! Thanks for refreshing my memory.

Keep up the great work on your blog. You've had some great posts lately.

motree said...

Very usefull !!