Friday, June 03, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 Ramblings

Did you think I fell off my blogging like so many others seem to be doing? No chance, though I confess this may be the longest time between postings at over a week. Bloggers seem to be dropping off now. I'm determined to stay though!

I've been busy learning new features of AutoCAD 2006 as well as some features that have been added in the last release or two that I don't use. Part of non-use for me is that I'm old fashioned, but also I don't have a direct need for some features. That's no reason not to learn them and find ways to use them and that's where I am now.

Tables are a relatively new feature in AutoCAD and keep getting better. I've never had the need for tables in a drawing, though know that many people do. I just read a very helpful tip on the AUGI forums for anyone that may shed some insight if you import information from Excel (which most people seem to do). It seems to make a difference what version of Excel you are importing from. Excel 2003 has improvements that are helpful when importing into AutoCAD. You can read more of the information in the thread here if you are an AUGI member. (Membership is free.)

I've also had to do some customizing of some .cui files recently. If you aren't familiar with these, CUI stands for Customize User Interface. So, rather than dealing with .mn* files and being able to get the once simple dialog box for customizing toolbars, you are thrown into the CUI dialog which is a shock to the system for us old-timers.

The idea of the CUI is both to make it easier for the common user to customize and to set us up for future releases that will rely on this technology to take us to the next step. I can understand and appreciate that so I need to find peace with the CUI so I can do it more naturally. R. Robert Bell, an AUGI Board member and programmer (as well as long time AUGI volunteer), put it into perspective with this posting which explains who to change your mindset. Good thread.

I'm booked solid for training next week on ADT 2006, Schedules, and ACAD 2006 Update. I'll be sure and pass along anything else new that I find. Often I even learn things in the classroom and from the students. I love learning no matter what the method!

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Tracy Lincoln said...

Nice post... also having the text set to NORMAL in Excel helps when importing...

- Tracy