Monday, June 13, 2005

Good ADT Resources

Anytime I do training, I always offer a resource list. After all, if you don't have other places to find information, you're not going to be successful. My goal is to make you successful in what you do!

I typically spend about 15 minutes showing students in class how to join AUGI, login and show them the forums and the ATP programs. I also show them how to navigate the Autodesk website and where to find the helpful information.

I provide them a list of Paul Aubin's books as well as William Wyatt's and a list of blogs associated with ADT.

Here are my best recommended ADT resources. Please be sure and add any that you think I've overlooked.

Paul Aubin
He's one of the top ADT Gods.
Any and all of his books are excellent. For the best deals, purchase at Amazon because they are good about combining a pair of books for a better price.

Lots of additional information including his AU material can be found at his website.

His new Viz book is now shipping as well.

Mastering VIZ Render for Autodesk ADT Users
Paul F. Aubin and James D. Smell
ISBN #140188024X

Mastering Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2006
Paul F. Aubin
ISBN #1418020524

Mastering Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004
Paul F. Aubin
ISBN #1401848850

Autodesk Architectural Desktop: An Advanced Implementation Guide
Paul F. Aubin
ISBN #140188763

Mastering Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005
Paul F. Aubin
ISBN: 1401884784

William G. Wyatt
Dr. Wyatt is another great resource and one I've met personally and invited him to do training here for me.

His books are also available on Amazon.

Accessing Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005
William G. Wyatt
ISBN: 1401883524

Accessing Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004
William G. Wyatt
ISBN #1401850154

Elise Moss
We use Elise's books in our classroom for some hands-on exercise work. Her books are aimed at the classroom and not intended so much for reference material. They are available from Amazon or from her publisher, Schroff. I know Elise fairly well as we served together on the AUGI Board of Directors and I often pester her about ADT. She also writes many other books on Autodesk products.

Autodesk Architectural Desktop Fundamentals 2005
Elise Moss
ISBN# 1-58503-195-x

Autodesk Architectural Desktop Fundamentals 2004
Elise Moss
ISBN# 1-58503-135-6

Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004 Intermediate
Elise Moss
ISBN# 1-58503-136-4

Space Planning with Architectural Desktop 2005
Elise Moss
ISBN# 1-58503-197-6

Autodesk VIZ 2005 for Beginners
Elise Moss
ISBN# 1-58503-212-3

Elise also has a website with tips & tricks, tutorials, and her weekly publication, CADzette. Moss Designs

Matt Dillon
Matt is another one of the ADT Gods. He knows ADT, writes about it in an easy to understand format, and teaches. Be sure to attend AU and take one of his classes. His blog is called Breaking Down the Walls. I've mentioned him before.

Robin Capper
Robin does a great job with his blog, RobiNZ CAD Blog, from New Zealand.

Chris Yanchar
Chris has a blog, Between the Walls. Chris is the ADT Product Planning Manager at Autodesk.

There are lots of Viz related sites and blogs and books besides those mentioned here. I did mention one in a past blog.

The Autodesk site should be a resource for you. By choosing products and ADT, you have access to webcasts and styles. If you want to learn more about ADT Styles, download a few from here and dissect them.

Autodesk Subscription
As a subscription customer, you can access special e-learning tutorials. You can log in to the Subscription Center or if you have 2006 you can access it from the Help pulldown menu. Autodesk will have your serial number on record and allow you access to extra help features such as e-learning and support.

With your free AUGI membership, you will have access to free training through the AUGI ATP program and the forums. Even if you don't ask a question on the forums, you can read the questions and answers and discussions and learn a lot.

You will also receive AUGIWorld magazine free every other month and the electronic newsletter, HotNews. Lots of great articles and tips on ADT.


Jay Moore said...


Great Blog and very comprehensive list. I would also suggest that you look into the ADT resources offerd by Ed Goldberg(

Also, if you find an opportunity please review our 3rd party product for ADT called VisionREZ. It is specified for the residential industry and is available as a plug in for existing ADT users or as a stand alone for those that do not already own copies of ADT or can no longer upgrade their software. You can review more information on VisionREZ at:

Thanks for your time and happy blogging! :)

Jay Moore
Ameri-CAD / VisionREZ

H. Edward Goldberg AIA said...


I am glad that Jay mentioned me. Please note that I am not a god, but that I am a practicing Architect that uses the software in every day practice, and I own the practice and pay the bills. So, if there is a benefit from the software I would know it.

Also, I believe that my books are among the best sellers for Architectural Desktop. My 2006 book is in print now, and has been checked by John Herridge of AEC CAD CON, and is a great book. My books are made up of hands on bit sized tutorials. Besides this, I was a speaker at the AIA convention, and will be speaking at AEC/ST and Architecture East conventions. My subject is the BIM and Virtural Modeling.

BethPowell said...

Thanks for both tips. I will certainly investigate all your tips.

Thanks for pointing them out!


Dermot said...

Thanks for the rescource list Beth
Certainly Paul Aubin's book is great sepecially as he does it with metric measurements alongside those crazy old 1/8,ths & 1/16,ths 1/64,ths. Also thanks for the advice on blogging.

Dermot said...

Oh I forgot my blog address

David W Estridge said...

Having Trouble Creating New Design Content for ADT 2006
Any Suggestions? Also looking for GOOD BOOK on CUSTIMIZATION of ADT 2006. Any help would certainly be appreciated