Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hatch Patterns & Other Third Party Products

Sometime after I first started using AutoCAD (R11, DOS), I became aware of customization that was possible in the program and was always on the lookout for extra little routines and products to either make my job easier or to do exactly what I wanted without having to customize AutoCAD myself.

The first product I came across and purchased was called 101 Hatch Patterns. I seem to recall it being about $99. I only needed one hatch pattern that came in it, which was called RipRap. It was a stone pattern.

Each and every time I ordered an upgrade of AutoCAD, I ordered the upgrade or newer version of Hatch Patterns.

When I left a production office and went out on my own, I no longer used the Hatch Patterns product and had forgotten about it. That was until a client was describing what turned out to be the same product during an installation last summer. I was surprised to hear that someone else used this product. I shouldn't be. After all, the company that made it, Compugraphx , wouldn't have been able to stay in business if I were their only customer!

Since last year, I've had several people bring this program up and ask about it. I'm happy that Watson Kilbourne and Compugraphx is still around. There is even a write up in Cadalyst about 100 Hatch Patterns, which is only a name as it really contains 365 hatch patterns.

The other product that I later found and liked doesn't appear to be around any longer. It was a tablet menu called CATS. It contained a lot of really neat little bonus tools and one the reasons it caught my eye was that it had a routine that would make a balloon leader with an incrementing number. Ah, those were the days.

There are lots of other products out there. You should take a look once in a while to see what's out there that might make life easier. After all, that's how we got sliced bread!

A few resources (there are many more) for third party products and other routines. These are in no particular order.


And if you follow Lynn Allen's blog or are an AUGI member and wondering what all the hoopla is about, two of the most dedicated AUGI volunteers have found love through AUGI and one of them is sporting a new engagement ring! Congratulations Mike & Melanie. Best wishes on your new life together. (And be sure to include AUGI somewhere in those vows.)

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Melanie (Stone) Perry said...

Beth, thanks for the congrats. I don't think we'll be mentioning AUGI in our vows, though, thanks. ;)
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