Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Autodesk's 2007 Product Line Up

Today most of the blogs are talking about the new AutoCAD 2007 set to be released in the next few weeks. There is a whole lineup besides AutoCAD. The big news in AutoCAD is all about 3D. The notable news is that the file format, typically changed every two years, is changing for 2007. The cool news is that some of the Express Tools have finally been integrated into the actual product.

I seem to think that Architectural Desktop has much more exciting features this release, so I'll be focusing my blog reports on that. Just a couple of tidbits are that you can now redirect the directories for Project Navigator. The previous method of automatically putting the folders where ADT wanted them with no flexibility kept a lot of users from utilizing this tool.

There are new features with regard to classifications, scheduling, space objects, and a much better way to dimension walls. I'll highlight each of those and more each week.

Here are the system requirements.

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