Monday, March 06, 2006

Some more glimpses of ADT 2007

I'm on the road this afternoon and for the next couple of days to help a client with some CAD Standards and working through the maze of property set data and schedules as well as general tips and tricks with ADT. Since some of you have asked for a little more about 2007, here we go...

I've found that a lot of users don't take advantage of the ADT AEC Dimension Styles because they are confusing. Well, here's a help. You don't have to start with the bare basics of a standard style and try to wade through it to come up with your way of dimensioning. Now you have several, more useful, styles available. Even if you don't think they are perfect, at least you have a better chance of getting your own styles set.

You may not even notice this, but in the bottom of the General tab for any styles that create an opening of some sort through a wall, you will see a tiny checkbox. This is because one of the new features for 2007 are Zones.

From the ADT Help Menu:
Zones allow you to group your spaces together for use in area calculation schemas, as and presentations (showing spaces color-coded by department, for example). Additionally, engineers who are using Autodesk Building Systems can use zones to perform complex analysis calculations and reporting.

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