Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AutoCAD 2008 Layers per Viewport

When I explain the value of layers and paperspace viewports to students, I explain that the two features allow us more control over what is presented on a drawing. Now Autodesk has given us another branch from that theory.

You will not see this in model space, but if you are in paperspace you will now have many more columns available when you are working through a viewport.

You may have one color in your model space, but you can change that color of the layer per each viewport. For those that work with different disciplines or new and existing or any comparison of conditions, you can now save a lot of time and effort by setting a single layer to behave differently with colors (greyed out in one) or linetype (hidden line in one) for each viewport. This is a huge step for productivity. Now the question is, how many people will notice and how many will continue working as they have since R14?

The other nice thing about this feature is that you can set a color to highlight those layers that you have changed this way. That sure will keep you from thinking you are insane when you are working in model space with a blue layer and a magenta layer keeps plotting out!

These new features are available in any Autodesk product that is based on AutoCAD 2008.

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