Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Drawing File Collaboration

The new version of Design Review is now available for download. You will also find Plug-in's and Downloads that can be used with Design Review.

Design Review allows you to open .dwf files that can be created by any Autodesk application or from anyone that has used the DWF Writer to create a file from another application.

Design Review is crucial to file collaboration because team members, customers, vendors, or anyone needing to send a CAD file or receive a marked up CAD file can do so easily. There is no longer any need to plot and overnight drawings for a person to mark up and overnight ship them back to you. You can email the .dwf file and the other party can mark it up on the screen, zoom in and out, rotate the 3D view, and email it back to you. You can insert the .dwf file into your Autodesk application to more easily complete the changes.

You can create a new file in Design Review and Import a .dwg file. Design Review will quickly make a .dwf file in the background out of the .dwg file.

If you only need the ability to open, zoom, and print a .dwg file, you can do so with the free DWG TrueView. It will open any version of .dwg or .dxf file. From the same link you will find DWG TrueConvert that will convert any .dwg file from R14 through present either up or down in version or from .dwg to .dxf.

These utilities should be resources in any office that may send or receive AutoCAD .dwg files or .dwf markup files.

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