Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DWF Options and more...

Last week I had the pleasure of sharing tips to a group of about 60 people here in Roanoke, Virginia. One of the topics I presented was on collaboration. It was very fast paced and as promised, here are screen captures and further information on some of the options associated with .dwf.

Also, if you want to know more in depth about the new annotative scaling or other tips and tricks, there are two good webcasts scheduled in September. Read more about them.

Here's some more information about Project Freewheel, which you'll find as part of the Autodesk Labs. Be sure to follow Scott Sheppard's blog It's Alive in the Lab.

Project Freewheel allows you to share .dwf information without the recipient of your files needing to download any of the free software.

I've been promoting DWG TrueView, TrueConvert, and Design Review for some time. I learned just recently that while you can still find TrueConvert at the Autodesk website, you can convert drawings with DWG TrueView in the 2008 version.

From the File pulldown menu of DWG TrueView, you can choose DWG Convert. Personally, I like using a separate program.

The screen is a little different looking and you must rely on icons at the bottom to add additional drawings or save the list. You then select the conversion on the right side. You have options available for your conversion.

You can save the options and name the conversion setup for future use.
  • Check and fix errors is great if you didn't do an audit on a drawing.
  • Set default plotter to "none" is also a good option. Remember how annoying it is to open someone else's drawing and choose to plot only to be prompted that the plotter can't be found?

You will then get this conversion report.

In future posts, I'll go through some of the options found in e-transmit.

For more on .dwf, you can read this previous post.

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