Wednesday, December 03, 2008

AU 2008-First Official Day Review

Two of the places near classes to relax.

I attended 3 classes today. One was good and taught by someone that I already knew and respected in the subject. One was a class by a manufacturer, something new this year. I knew it would be slanted, but since I used the firm's products I didn't mind. It really turned out to be nothing like what I expected, but I sat through it to be polite.

Maybe I'm getting old, but there seems to be a lack of manners among some of the attendees. It's nothing for someone to get up and leave the session and then let the door just slam behind them. Lots of people left the second two sessions that I attended.

The third session started out good and was good content, but one person disrupted the class constantly. We needed a bouncer to toss him out since he obviously didn't have a clue what he was doing.

The presenters did a good job of going over what they were going to cover. This is important so that if it really wasn't what you thought you could leave then. This was an overview of MEP content and was an important topic that I wanted to hear. One person in the class interrupted after almost every bullet point on the slide to ask when something was going to be fixed or changed in the software or to add a wish for an item. Unfortunately the presenters didn't do a good job of shutting him down so he continued and then others in the class thought this was an open discussion and it just got out of hand. I feel badly for the presenters. And of course as an eager student wanting to hear the content of the presentation, I am one of many that lost out because of this.

Tomorrow is probably going to be my longest day yet and I almost feel like I have a cold coming on. That's very typical for Vegas due to the dryness not to mention all the people. I've got that 'feelilng' in my throat. Sure don't want to go through the next two days sick. I have a lot of responsibility.

This evening I attended the blogger social. It's funny how many people I have seen at AU with a blogger 'ribbon' on their badge. We have ribbons that indicate certain properties about us such as blogger, my feedback (beta), subscription, or the discipline. There are a lot of people out there with a blog on a lot of subjects. Not all are updated regularly and I'm certainly guilty of not always updating as often as I like. I am proud that I am one of the veteran bloggers and I have Shaan Hurley to thank for that.

I met R.K. McSwain of CAD Panacea, Steve Bennett of , Lee Ambrosius of HyperPics and a lot of other great things over the years, Kate Morrical of LT Unlimited, Donnie Gladfelter of The CAD Geek Blog I also finally had the honor to meet Roopinder Tara in person of CAD Insider and TenLinks fame.

The Exhibit Hall opened without the inaugural AUGI Beer Bust. It was a little depressing not to have the two coincide. How did this happen?

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