Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One of my favorite AU Experiences

This year will be my third year to attend Autodesk University. If you've never attended AU before, the first year is pure shock factor. You cannot possibly comprehend the size of this event and all that there is with it until you are actually there. In addition, the first year there you will make the mistake of signing up every spare moment with classes and with all the other types of things at the event you will never have the energy to do it all.

Last year was my first year to present a class at AU and I was honored. The best thing that happened during my week there was that I met several international AUGI members. This meant so much to me because I served I two year term on the AUGI Board of Directors during 2002-2003.

I don't mention my term on the BOD very often. I sometimes don't think I accomplished enough during that term, but in hindsight several things we have today were started during that time. I had three duties during my term. One was that I helped co-chair the AUGI online training program (ATP). That is something that I am passionate about and have been involved in at some level since 2000 when I taught my first ATP class on CAD Standards and broke every record for attendance at the time with over 300 students.

During this time on the BOD and shortly afterwards, not only did I teach classes fairly often but I recruited instructors. I met a lot of people through this experience.

If you aren't aware of the ATP, be sure to visit the AUGI website and click on the Education section of the menu ribbon across the top and check it out. There are several years' worth of archived classes and new classes every month. Each class is made up of 3 sessions for which you are able to download handouts and a forum to ask questions and discuss. I plan to teach more classes for 2009 so watch for me there.

But I digress...another area for which I was over was Publications. At that time we had a newsletter called Paperspace. I wrote articles for that newsletter for several years and then became the Layout Editor and put it all together. During my BOD term the AUGIWorld magazine was born. So I helped that get kicked off. I am very proud of what AUGIWorld has become and have a soft spot for it because of that.

But my last duty is perhaps what has grown the most and is the topic of my titled post of favorite AU experiences.

The other duty that I had while on the BOD was a new position of International Coordinator ( I can't remember if Coordinator was the title, but it was close). There were a lot of other user groups for Autodesk products all around the globe. I would do searches for these groups and send emails to them to establish relationships. I kept a spreadsheet of all my contacts and was amazed at where in the world some were.

This was the start of what we now have as an International community and International Chapters across the world. It's very exciting! And it nearly didn't happen because the person that took over this after my term ended really dropped the ball on it. Luckily it was picked up again and expanded on.

Part of the International expansion and part of the ATP instructor recruiting led me to Brazil and India. While at the blogger social at AU 2007 I was thrilled to meet Assis Haubert who thanked me for my time on the AUGI BOD because since then there is now a AUGI Brazil and he is on their Board.

I also met Luciana Klein. I recruited Luciana to teach ATP classes in Portugese for several years. What a thrill to meet her. Both she and Assis are part of CADKlein in Brazil.

Last, but certainly not least, Sunith Babu came up to me during the Birds of A Feather lunch where I was volunteering for AUGI and shook my hand to also thank me. He remembered me contacting him for the same reasons as mentioned above and was proud to tell me that he was now the President of AUGI India. He also teaches for the AUGI ATP program.

Meeting the three of these people made my AU, my year, and have really touched my heart. I don't want to be famous or draw attention to myself. It is certainly nice to know that I made such a difference to each of these people and helped them to make a difference in turn to a lot of other people. My term did have meaning besides being an extraordinary opportunity.

Sadly, I provided them with my business card for the reseller where I was employed when I left for AU, but I found myself not employed any longer by that reseller when I returned from AU. If they wrote to me I never received their emails. I did get business cards from them and wanted to write, but stuck them in my jacket pocket that day and ended up leaving my jacket on the back of the desk chair in the Venetian when we checked out of the room.

I just recently was able to find them again through LinkedIn, an online networking tool. You'll find me listed there.

I hope to see each of them at AU 2008 and meet several other people that I have only corresponded with through AUGI. This year's even is not much more than a month away! Hope to see you there.

Monday, October 06, 2008

AutoCAD Annotation Template

When using the new annotation scale feature in AutoCAD, it is best to set annotation in your basic styles in your template.

Use the Annotate Ribbon as a good starting point to setting up styles for annotation.

Annotative Text Styles will have the annotation symbol beside them.

Check the Annotative box for Text Style to use Annotative Scale.

Select the Fit tab in a Dimension Style to choose Annotative.

Or choose Annotative when you create a new Dimension Style.

Creating a new Multileader Style will also give you an Annotative check box.

As will the Leader Structure tab of a Multileader Style.