Monday, May 25, 2009

AutoCAD MEP 2010-Workspaces

The Workspaces in AutoCAD MEP 2010 are still available, but more robust. It may not be obvious where you see the list of workspaces since toolbars are not active when you start the program so you don't see the Workspaces Toolbar.

In the Status Bar, you will see the current workspace listed along with a drop down arrow beside it. This was there in 2009 as well, but you may not have noticed it.

In all workspaces, you will have a Tools Ribbon Panel. This is where you will find access to the Tool Palettes (only called Tools so you'll need to look at the icon), Content Browser, and the Properties Palette. The Parametric Part Wizard is also located here.

Workspaces control several Ribbon tabs and panels. Of course you can always create your own workspace and edit what is displayed with workspaces with the CUI Editor.

The Home tab has a Build Ribbon Panel that is workspace specific.

The Annotate tab has both tags and schedules. These can also be found on Tool Palettes as well, though you may find you are not using the tool palettes as much with everything on the ribbon.

The Analyze tab includes Interference Detection. I like that Distance and QuickCalc are there as well. Any engineering calculation tools are found under Analyze.

The Manage tab under each workspace has Style Manager with short-cuts to the appropriate system definitions and preferences per discipline.

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