Tuesday, April 07, 2009

AutoCAD MEP 2010-New File Format

O.K., so it's probably rather old news now and it's not just AutoCAD MEP. The file format has changed for 2010 AutoCAD products.

Yes, you can still save back to earlier versions.

Why am I telling you about this now? Because it's more likely that you are receiving your 2010 products if you are on subscription and just now giving some thought to installing them or at least installing one to try. Don't let this stop you though.

It's only a fact to be aware of. And to be aware that it is certainly possible for someone to send you a 2010 file so you can consider yourself informed.

If you are going to try out a copy and don't want to (or may not remember) to SAVE AS an earlier version for others, you can always go to the Open and Save tab in Options and set AutoCAD to save to whatever version you like each and every time.

Progress will continue to move forward so don't save back for too long!