Thursday, June 18, 2009

Autodesk Labs Utilities - Using Google Earth with AutoCAD Architecture

Autodesk Labs has another great beta tool for you AutoCAD Architecture users. You can use Google Earth with your 3D designs with an easy to use wizard, Google Earth Extension.

Be sure you follow Scott Sheppard's blog, It's Alive in the Lab for more information on this.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AutoCAD MEP 2010-Ribbon Contextual Tab States

One of the new features in the AutoCAD MEP 2010 Ribbon is the option for contextual tab states.

What this means is that when you make certain selections, a new tab appears in the ribbon. By default, this is set to occur on a single click of operations. This happens when you right-click on some MEP objects and when you are working with .pdf's for example.

You'll find this under the Selection tab of the Options dialog box in the lower left hand corner.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Microsoft Office 2007 Download to save to .pdf

I just discovered, by accident, that you can download from Microsoft an add-in for Microsoft Office 2007. This allows you to do a SAVE AS to .pdf.

No outside program needed.

Thought I'd pass this little tidbit on to you.

AutoCAD MEP 2010-System Requirements and Advice

First and foremost, regardless of the new features 2010 brings us, you need to look at the System Requirements.

You can find these at the Autodesk website and choosing AutoCAD MEP from the product list.
You'll see System Requirements on the left hand menu.

It is also important to note where to find and how to understand the importance of the Certified Hardware list.

It's not easy to find. It can only be found under AutoCAD. I know, it SHOULD be under every AutoCAD based product, but this is where you find it. That's probably another reason that not enough people are aware of it.

Choose Support under the left hand menu of the AutoCAD page.

Then you will choose Data & Downloads.

You will see Certified Hardware listed on this page.

This list contains all the graphics cards that Autodesk has tested and shows you, depending on the options you check, which ones perform better.

One of the biggest mistakes I see from users or especially their IT Departments is that they fail to order new computers with the correct graphics cards. Perhaps they asked someone that didn't give them good information or outdated information.

Many times people have the misconception that gaming computers or gaming graphics cards are the best and therefore should work for AutoCAD. That couldn't be any further from the truth.

The list is hard to find and of course there is a chance that you might have a graphics card that they have not tested that works fine. Still, the best chance at problem-free operation is to start off right with a graphics card that has been tested and performs well.

AutoCAD MEP 2010-Electrical Workspaces

We've looked at the duct and piping workspaces, now let's see what the new electrical workspaces look like.

Just like the other workspaces, the Build panel under the Home tab gives access to devices, wiring, electrical equipment, conduit, and cable trays.

The Annotate tab gives us access to not just electrical tags and schedules, but also to the panel schedules.

The Analyze tab provides us with the Circuit Manager and Power Totals and the other tools that are available in all the MEP workspaces.

The Manage tab gives us Style Manager and the electrical definitions and styles as well as the electrical preferences. Electrical System Definitions, load category definitions, electrical panel styles, electrical device styles, and wire styles are found here.

Monday, June 01, 2009

A rare chance to give

I am embarking on an unusual journey today. My husband is not able to make white blood cells. I knew we were the same blood type, but was tested yesterday to be sure we are an exact match and that I have no physical problems.

The labs came back that I am an exact match in every way (I always knew we were compatible!) and all my blood work shows that I am in good health.

Today I will have a rare opportunity to help him more than I ever thought possible. I will be given a growth factor shot and a steroid tablet to force my body to produce extra white blood cells. I am told that I will feel achy like I have the flu due to the overproduction.

Tomorrow morning I will go have an IV stuck in each arm and sit for 3 hours while an apheresis machine takes the white blood cells out of me. Those white blood cells will then be transfused into my husband. They will only live in him for a couple of days before they die off, but will help him to have some white cells to fight infection.

I can only do this twice to most likely the process will take place again in 6 days.

I am nervous, but feel so good to be able to help in such a fantastic and personal way.