Saturday, November 28, 2009

Attending and Presenting at AU 2009

It has been difficult to focus on AU, even though each year I am primed and ready to go from the time registration opens forward.  This year is much more subdued and it is all I can do to follow through and make this trip.  I can't disappoint the AU staff and I can't disappoint the students that have signed up for my class.

This year I was scheduled to teach two classes in AutoCAD MEP, but it has been reduced down to one lab now. 

For the past almost two years now I have been specializing in AutoCAD MEP exclusively and working with EastCoast CAD/CAM to train their customers both online and in the classroom.  Because of that experience, I have seen how difficult it is for users that are presented with AutoCAD MEP to have any idea where to begin.

In most cases, either the program is not used or it is used to do 2D linework and with the same methods that were used in AutoCAD.  That was why I proposed to teach this class.

This will be my third year in a row teaching a class.  This will be my second lab taught at AU.  This will be the most difficult one to date.

If you are not able to join AU or Virtual AU this year and have access to the AU website, be sure and check the class after the event is over and download the handout.  I regret that it was not available further in advance.

I look forward to see you at AU!