Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Layer Keys in AutoCAD Architecture & AutoCAD MEP

It's not new, but it's is worth repeating. 

Generating the Layers in a Layer Key Style

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Friday, March 05, 2010

What can you do for Autodesk?

I've been someone that likes to give back to any place where I have learned something and feel that I can share something I've learned with others.  I began doing this back in 2000 when I first started teaching the free on-line training classes for AUGI.  I think we were still on an email list back then before the current website, but I'm not sure I can remember details now.  I've since tried to teach AUGI ATP classes as much as they'll have me and I have something of value to provide.

I have also been involved with providing feedback to Autodesk for a long time.  I started as a beta tester and later continued on as a beta tester to be able to keep one step ahead and offer some feedback but mainly as a way to be more prepared when it becomes permitted to speak on the new release officially.  I don't have to play catch up and can get the word out with more authority and understanding.

I have done usability testing that has involved online or phone interviews or hands-on experiences at Autodesk University.  I have done other types of feedback that continue to expand through Autodesk aimed at specific industries or software.  I'm big on volunteering for any of these.

Why?  Because if we all sit quietly on our hands how would Autodesk know what we thought and be able to make an attempt to develop products or even their website without asking us.  And I've never been good at keeping my mouth shut anyhow!  May be part of the redhead thing.

When you install your software you will be prompted for an opportunity to give feedback through customer experience as well as for any error reports.  I highly encourage you to do this.  Don't just skip past the dialog box.

Beta testing typically takes place in the fall, but you can sign up at any time.  It's not advised to install beta software on your work production computer, but a separate computer or if you're at the extreme side on the geek scale you could do this from your home computer.

Sign up to beta test.

  Now, come on Spring...