Friday, November 25, 2011

Autodesk University 2011

Autodesk University 2011 is now upon us with the kickoff in the next few days.  I was not able to attend Autodesk University 2010 due to my cancer and recovery that was more mental than physical.  I was very proud to be selected to present at AU2011 and have been working on my presentation and looking forward to being back in Vegas one more time. 

Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control have made this trip impossible and I've had to cancel.  I hate letting people down and every time I see something about Vegas or AU it reminds me of the experiences I've had there to learn, teach, and visit with friends.  It reminds me of the visits there with my late husband, Peter, and what we enjoyed off the strip after AU.

I've been struggling all year with doing something different with my life.  I've been exploring other options and taking classes.  I'm changing into a healthcare field.  This would've been my final AU.  That's why it was so tough to cancel.  I didn't know at the time that I submitted my proposals for AU or when I accepted that I was going to find the career change that I'd been search for since my husband's death.

I've written several AutoCAD MEP articles for AUGIWorld and will have the final one coming out shortly.  I've done my best over the years to show AutoCAD and AutoCAD MEP users just how easy AutoCAD can be with straightforward information.  Not because I'm any smarter than anyone else, but because I believe in sharing what I can.

I'm starting a new blog to share things I learn in life, in my new classes, and whatever comes across my mind to write about. 

Thank you to all who have followed me and inspired me.  Learn all you can and share what you learn with others.